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10 Easy Steps

print this out.

28 days before

  • Book Raincity moving and storage 778 316 1712
  • Contact Canada Post inform them of your new address.
  • Obtain a Change of Address form from Canada Post.
  • Send a change of address form to
    • Friends and your relatives
    • Dentist
    • Banks
    • Periodicals
    • Insurance company Doctor,  credit Cards
    • Reveue Canada, BC Hydro, telus,shaw cable
    • Pensions

21 days BEFORE the move

  • Organize and label boxes either with colour codes of labels to which rooms they will go to.
  • Nows the time to decide what to keep or what to donate to the thrift store. Remeber the cost of moving some of your larger unwanted items soon ads up.
  • Decide if you are going to book cleaners or do it yourself.
  • Buy lots of packing tape, we can supply and drop off the boxes.
  • Wardrobe boxes, we always have them in the truck,lots of packing paper for dishes, wine glasses etc

7 days BEFORE

  • Cancel newspapers, magazines etc


  • Pack suitcases, clothes, luggage. Valuables and jewelry please move yourself.

Moving day has arrived

  • Please remember that we will start moving all the largest items first.
  • Please make sure the hallways are clear, it really makes things easier for the movers.
  • Are the appliances being moved ? If so please disconnect and have them ready to go.
  • Drain all appliance hoses
  • Empty refrigerator, try and get a large enough cooler for all your fridge contents, also disconnect the ice maker
  • Unplug all large appliances, the television we will pad and wrap safely, great if you still have the original box.
  • Leave light clothing in the dresser drawers, we will shrink wrap them closed.:
    • Do not use tape on the dresser drawers, this will ruin the finish.
    • Any breakables in the drawers please remove.
  • wardrobe boxes are great for couch cushions

If you would like to save

  • Bring all items from the basement to the main floor, any patio furniture etc, bring to the front yard.

RESERVE ELEVATORS This is very important !!!

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